About us

We welcome you to the e-shop of the Maltese dog kennel Charming White Choice, focused on producing hand-sewn bows and various accessories indispensable for exhibitions, such as brooches and bracelets.

We are currently building the e-shop, and products and categories will gradually increase according to the availability of production capacities.

We sew bows for you mainly from ribbons of leading Czech manufacturers, such as Stuha a.s., Stap a.s. and Pega-Vel, a.s. However, we also do not avoid high-quality ribbons from foreign manufacturers, mainly European and American. We also make our bows from ribbons of verified brands Morex Ribbon, Offray, Kuny AG and others. We use ribbons from Asian manufacturers to complement the colours or patterns in our assortment.

We buy beads and costume jewellery components for decorating bows from our quality manufacturers, such as Preciosa, Jablonex and Perlex. We deliberately want to give the Czech glass beads as much space as possible on your dogs' tails and thus live up to the excellent reputation of the Czech costume jewellery tradition. Regarding beads and dividing rings, we occasionally supplement the colour offer from foreign sources.

On some bows, we still use aftermarket components from the Austrian brand Swarovski, which changed its business strategy in 2021 and stopped distributing these components outside of its production.

Stones for producing mineral beads come, without exaggeration, from all corners of the world. Asian manufacturers are usually the dominant processors of these stones into bead forms.

We buy mineral beads and some more decorative strass crystal components for you in China from specific factories or in the Czech e-shop Domeli, koralky-levne.cz, ceske-koralky.cz, etc. Part of the foreign components and haberdashery was purchased at Stoklasa's haberdashery, which is mostly also their importer. We usually buy Czech haberdashery in the VTC wholesaler.

We import latex rubber bands for bows from the United States of America; we work with the brands Lainee, Puppybows, PawMarks. Sometimes, we use rubber bands from the Belgian brand ShowTech. The sizes of elastic bands range from 1/8" to 5/16" and are specified in the description of each bow.

Some bows are attached to "French" clips. They are usually from Chinese suppliers in the smallest possible size of 3 cm. Authentic French clips are available from a length of 4 cm.

For your information, we indicate the sources of the countries of origin from which our bows are made, including the threads.